Women In Technology

Rashmy Chatterjee
CMO, IBM North America
Sandy Carter
Vice President
Lily Troy
Office Manager / Operations
Lily Shen
Executive in Residence
Patricia Nakache
General Partner
Lily Mcmanus
Investment Manager
Melanie Lowe
Investment Executive
Lily Johnson
Director of Community and Operations
Sirisha Kadamalakalva
Lynzi Ziegenhagen
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Heidi Zak
Kristen Stone
Project Manager
Lily Ann Zhang
Table Tennis Player
Talat Hasan
General Partner
Ena Zheng
Chief Operating Officer
Lily Zhen
Distribution Coordinator
Eileen Lee Ann R. Yu
Digital Data Engineering Specialist, Team Lead
Fang Yu
Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer
Jiin Yoo
Visual Communication Designer
Shannon Williams
Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales and Marketing
Melinda Wilken
Senior Lead Consultant
Maureen Watson
Chief Product Officer
Xiao Wang
Managing General Partner
Taylor Timmer
Co-Founder and Vice President of People
Denise Thomas
Chief Executive Officer at ApplePie Capital
Shanna Tellerman
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Shel Symonds
Chief Marketing Officer
Allison Stern
Co-Founder and Vice President of Marketing
Leela Srinivasan
Chief Marketing Officer
Leah Sparks
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Ashley Smith
Chief Marketing Officer
Maria Sipka
Co-Founder and President
Enakshi Singh
Vice President of Finance
Neha Singh
Anna Sidana
Chief Marketing Officer
Lee Senderov