Attracting Your Board of Advisors

Getting the right advisory board on your team, effectively leveraging each advisor for their strengths, and keeping them engaged with your company is crucial to your success.

But first, you need to get them on your team! Learn how to refine that pitch and compensation package for your potential advisory board members, so when you do get around to recruiting them and going after your target list, you’ll be able to communicate the specific value prop for their engagement.

For early stage entrepreneurs, this session offers an overview on how to attract that board as well as a pitching practice session to help you keep practicing for when you do meet them. If you’re interested in being selected to pitch at this event and gain valuable feedback, please email your deck to Entrepreneurs who are not pitching are still welcome to sit in on the sessions and provide feedback. 


This event is for you if:

  • You’re an early-stage entrepreneur looking to recruit a strong advisory board and want to learn how to position yourself or practice your pitch on others
  • You’re considering becoming an entrepreneur and want to absorb as much knowledge as you can about the challenges you will face before taking the plunge


At the event, you will:

  • Learn how to develop your pitch to potential advisory board members
  • Practice your pitch or give feedback (if interested in pitching, please apply by emailing your pitch deck to
  • Meet and network with other entrepreneurs also exploring this topic



11:30-12pm: Registration & networking

12-11:45: Panel

12:45-1pm: Break

1-2pm: Lunch & Pitches




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