A Powerful Global Tech Network

The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) is a non-profit founded in 1992 in the Silicon Valley by a group of successful entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and senior professionals. TiE is the world’s largest global network with a mission is to foster  entrepreneurship globally through mentoring, networking, and education. Our focus is on nurturing a new generation of entrepreneurs.

TiE Silicon Valley’s TiEeco portal is a global virtual community for tech entrepreneurs. The portal helps entrepreneurs stay informed and connected. This portal is just a glimpse of our vast network, reach and composition. The TiE ecosystem presents the single largest cohesive network of technology professionals, entrepreneurs, intellectuals, VCs, corporates, and mentors. We connect within and with the outside world through a myriad of programs and engagements. TiEeco is a half million strong ecosystem that is rapidly growing.

We are all about creating a collaborative and cohesive ecosystem for startups worldwide. Our mission is to foster tech entrepreneurship by connecting startups and aspiring tech entrepreneurs with domain experts, influencers, big enterprises, governments, and others with common interests. Through a myriad of programs, partnerships and collaborative initiatives, we hope to share with you the spirit of Silicon Valley and add value to your entrepreneurial endeavors. TiEeco also helps you stay informed and also share your expertise with others having similar interests.

Our mobile app helps you connect with anyone like-minded or of interest without being hardwired though a formal network or community. All engagement is validated and mutually consensual.

Vasant Prabhu
Neeraj Arora
Vijay Advani
Sanjay Mehrotra
Tom Reilly
Prabhu Goel
Deepak Ahuja
Diane Greene
Shantanu Narayen
Satya Nadella
Vinod Khosla
Kanwal Rekhi
Rashmy Chatterjee
K. T. Rama Rao
Steve Case
Amitabh Kant
Ram Shriram
Tim Draper
Elon Musk
Sundar Pichai
Saurabh Srivastava
Manoj Bhargava
Ashish J Thakkar
Lip-bu Tan
Dominic Orr
Rashmi Sinha
Romesh Wadhwani
Vivek Ranadive
Blanca Trevino
Vishal Sikka
Salman Khan
Marissa Mayer
Jeff Weiner
Jack Welch
Vinod Dham
William Draper
Chong-moon Lee
Keerti Melkote
Kumar Malavalli
Howard Hartenbaum
Asheem Chandna
Steve Mollenkopf